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Each ornament is custom-made using mixed-media techniques. Every piece created is unique in it's coloring and pattern, with no two exactly alike!  The ornament hoods are hand-forged from copper, nickel, brass, or aluminum to give them a uniqueness all their own.  Commemorative ornaments are also available commemorating the lives of famous persons, such as Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, etc.  Prices average $35, and increase in price based on size and techniques used.  Most ornaments shown here are samples only and may not be the exact ornament available in the gallery.

Please contact the artist at (402) 203-9901 to inquire about a custom order, or if you'd like to discuss the works further!
About the Ornaments:

Welcome to the online gallery of Kathyrn Neubauer-Johns, a representational landscape artist, pet portraitist, and ornamentor.  (402 203-9901
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