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The online gallery is divided into two categories, Ornaments and Contemporary Art.  Read a bit about each and choose which gallery you'd like to view!

The glass ornaments she creates are one-of-a- kind abstractions, grandiose in their confined inner space appearing, at close range, larger then her average 5 X 6 paintings.  Using imported glass, a specialized process is used to insert the acrylic paint into the ornament before manipulation with special tools.  Combinations of glass, foils, glitters and color enhancers may be added to give each fine art collectible their own identity.  Each ornament comes with  signed card from the artist, ensuring their collectibility for years to come.

The lawn ornaments are spheres designed and molded out of concrete.  The finished 4,6,8, and 12 inch ornaments are fabricated to look like brass, copper, steel and/or iron.  Objects are implanted or fossilized into the piece (glass, found objects of nature,  metal, etc.)  The final piece is finished with a patina then protected with a weather resistant UV coating.  The patina will age, as all metals age in the outdoors.  However, the patina intensifies the colors, much like copper does as it turns green.
Contemporary Art:
Kathyrn's contemporary work often begins with a powerful photograph or idea.  Dreams of completed paintings; memories and obsessions in her life are processed before her stories come to life on the canvas.  Objects such as metal, glass, wood, beads, weeds, flower petals, bubble wrap, magazine advertisements and custom paper are often integrated into her works. While the canvas may appear desecrated the objects emerge for the surprise of it all - like the surprise on ones face as a gift is being opened.


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