In preparation for a painting Kathyrn takes meaningful images from photographs of landscapes and atmospheres augmenting and enlarging portions of them as if they were being looked at under a microscope.  Dreams of completed paintings; memories and obsessions in her life are processed before her stories come to life on the canvas.  Objects such as metal, glass, wood, beads, weeds, flower petals, string, bubble wrap, magazine advertisements and custom paper are compulsively saved then secured or woven into the canvas. These objects of attraction become part of the reasoning and existential purpose behind the painting - the symbol of the obsession. The artist often makes her acrylic paint from scratch thickening and thinning, offering the viewer a desire to taste or feel the painting to see if it is real. 
Contemporary Artwork (Part I):

Welcome to the online gallery of Kathyrn Neubauer-Johns, a representational landscape artist, pet portraitist and ornamentor. (402) 203-9901
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The Artist
Calm Before The Storm I
Calm Before The Storm II
Calm Before The Storm III
Far East
Fly Away
French Chocolate
Gato Negro
Its My Life
Meaningless Gibberish
Monolithic Memory
Moonscape Chino Valley
Muddy Water
My Friend Diego
My Minds Eye
Ode to Rothko